Photography of Kevin Quillen
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Single Daisy
Single White Daisy
Aspen in Fall - Panorama 3
Aspen in the Fall Panorama 3
Mushrooms on Moss - #1
Macro shoot of a mushrooms on an outcropping of moss.
Field of Coleus Plants
Field of Coleus Plants
Mountain Thistle - #2
Mountain Thistle shot at the top of Independence Pass in Colorado.
Orange Daisies
Orange Daisies
White and Yellow Mountain Flowers
White Yellow Mountain Flowers shot at top of Independence Pass in Colorado.
Aspen in the Fall - #1
Aspen in the fall, shot on Independence Pass in Colorado.
Mushrooms - #5
Mushroom on the Forrest Floor
Bugs to a Flame
Bugs being attracted to a light
Fungus on Birch Tree - #5
Fungus growing on a dead birch tree.
White Mushrooms - #9
White Mushroom Series
The Photography of Kevin Quillen
The Designated Overlords of Mankind